About Us

In August of 1996, the adult men descendants of Floyd and Mercedes Gammage began going on what would turn into an annual retreat to mentor, coach, and counsel each other. We recognized the need for such assistance in our community and decided to form a non-profit organization to meet that need.

These programs were implemented to address the needs of the community in at-risk areas. Our mission is to be a family unit full, prosperous and cohesive, committed to ethical values and financial independence. We accomplish this through our mentorship programs, college scholarships, and community involvement. The members of Giant Onyx along with our community members elected an executive board to be the administrators of the organization and our community outreach programs. Giant Onyx is a volunteer organization with no paid positions at this time Giant Onyx's Executive Staff is well-qualified administrators in their professional lives as managers of the organizations they are employed by. Our community volunteers are equally qualified by being leaders in business and community involvement.


Giant Onyx'smentorship program will target youths aged twelve to adulthood. Our goal is to grow into an organization that services the needs of the Phoenix metropolitan area.
Education has always been important to our family, thus the college scholarship was created to assist high school seniors going on to college. Each year we provide the high school councilors in the metro Phoenix area with scholarship applications via mail and email to solicit high school seniors to apply for the scholarships. All services that Giant Onyx offers to at-risk youths is at no cost to the recipients.